Danielle McPherson

Growing up in a bubble of safety in Huntsville, Danielle was unaware of the burdens and struggles most individuals are faced with; learning more about these challenges inspires her to photograph and write about the hidden truths in people’s lives.

Historically, when individuals or groups dare to challenge society’s way of thinking, they are greeted in one of two ways: either with praises or by an angry mob. Danielle says that although it may not change the world, her work can help change the opinions of those who see it.

Since picking up a camera, Danielle became enamoured with the world of portraiture before finding a creative spark to add to each photo; she began exploring this artistic flair during Grade 11.

It also led Danielle to start her photography business The Littlest-Tripod; picking up graduation portraits as her first true gigs. She is also set to begin attending Loyalist College as a photojournalist student in the fall of 2021.

Aside from taking photos and editing them, Danielle can be found reading or writing: there will always be a book in her bag or one on her mind.

Check out Danielle’s most recent gallery: Huntsville Art Crawl

Or a slightly older one: Happy Wanderer

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