D’Anthony Nance

D’Anthony has been writing poetry since the young age of seven and began publishing it in public in 2010. He started with a Tumblr account, but has since moved on to Instagram and in turn Facebook.

Citing his biggest inspirations from writing legends Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare, D’Anthony finds his muses from the world around him. He focuses on people, places and things which touch his heart deeply – from homelessness to his own journey of battling depression.

In D’Anthony’s own words: “The evolution of my work has been slow moving but, eventually I want to be a modern day Shakespeare who’s words touch and bring hope to people across the globe. I excel at metaphysical writing, so I’m learning to be in touch more with my empathy so I can strengthen the feeling of sucking in my audience. But, my biggest vision is to be a well known author and poet globally.”

He loves to draw despite acknowledging needing to work on that craft. D’Anthony says it was his brother who was the talented drawer in the family.

And while his skills as a wordsmith are strong – D’Anthony has also dabbled in music – he would love to improve his abilities in drawing and painting as his journey through life continues.


D’Anthony has just published a collection of this poetry in a limited edition softcover book entitled The Truth of Her Soul.


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Poetry by D’Anthony can be found at the below links.

Last Meal

Lovers Reality

His Will Be Done

When Healing is Needed


To Heal

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