Leila Nasr-Sharifi

Filled with a profound love for photography, Leila is someone who experiences a deep sense of peace and solitude while being outdoors, capturing landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. She enjoys waking up with the sun (and sometimes earlier), drinking a hot cup of coffee while letting the morning light fall upon her skin.

A little over a year after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Journalism and Media Studies and an advanced diploma in Journalism – Online, Print and Broadcast from Trent University and Loyalist College in 2019, Leila found herself in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

The path to where she is now was a windy one. After searching for a career that Leila could feel passionate about, a unique opportunity popped up in Muskoka that changed everything.

Leila moved to Gravenhurst during the pandemic to take on a marketing and communications position at the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce. Being in Muskoka and working at the chamber fueled her passion for connecting with others, making a positive impact in the lovely community of Gravenhurst, writing and editing, photography and social media.

Aside from that, Leila takes great pleasure in Latin dancing, supporting local businesses, eating fresh-made doughnuts and trying new cafes. She continues to explore Muskoka and its natural wonders while getting to know the people who call it home!

Click the link to check out some of Leila’s fantastic photography:

Stunning Skies

Leila’s Lens in Muskoka

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