Mack Giles

Mack Giles fell in love with being behind the lens from the moment he could hold a camera.

While beginning an in-depth exploration of photography at the age of seven, Mack also enjoys the occasional foray into filming.

“I got my first actual photography camera when I lived in Europe,” says Mack. “My family would travel all around, and I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and capture photos of the places I was going to.”

The ability to capture life’s little moments – no matter the muse, timing or location – always attracted Mack to the camera. Post-photo editing now allows him to put creative spins on the original scene.

“It’s one thing to just take a photo but to edit it in a way that’s special is something that’s challenging and really rewarding,” he says. “It’s satisfying seeing where a picture starts and where it ends … My style changes depending on where I am and the new techniques or edits that I learn.”

When Mack was living in Europe, his photography focus was landscapes, buildings, and structures. Now, that he’s home in Muskoka, his lens has shifted to primarily nature scenes.

“Whatever I am currently photographing is my favourite thing to capture,” says Mack. “That’s the fun of it, it’s so diverse and I enjoy all of it. I like seeing something new or learning a new edit and trying that style for a while until I find something new that I want to try.”

An avid soccer and hockey player in his spare time, Mack has also become adept at woodworking. He has created desks, tables, shelves and even a Bunkie in his backyard. He recently began working with epoxy resin and live wood table or desks.

“I’ve tried it a few times and It’s a form of art that, although really tough to work with, looks really cool when finished. I’d like to learn how to do that a little better and eventually build a larger epoxy resin table.”

Perhaps you’ll see some of Mack’s woodworking projects on Muskoka Unlimited in the future, but for now, enjoy his photography by click on the galleries below.

A Human Touch

Nature’s Glimpse

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