JF Kuehnen

JF Kuehnen

Abstract artist. Stone mason. Retired poet. JF Kuehnen is one guided by a feeling, an incident, a thought, a sensation. Through a palette that makes its own decisions as to which colours will be used and mixed, he pours energy and texture into his canvasses, letting the evolution of the painting determine his movements. Influenced not only by his surroundings but by the landscape within, he experiments with various techniques and methods in order to convey the depth of vision and feeling of his experiences.

Whether it be the isolation of the woods that line the Big East River, the distant horizon reflected on the sea in Stoupa, the crowded, claustrophobic sidewalk of early afternoon on Yonge Street, or the dreams that come with awareness, he takes these moments and reinterprets them, revealing them not as what they were but what they are.

Check out the magic of JF Kuehnen: Full Moon Thursday, New Pollution, Sugar and Screens, Through the Cabin Window, Third Morning, Peppermint Morning, and Twice the Thrill.

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