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  2. Morgan, You have painted a masterpiece about life and friendship and trying new things. Wow! Such a talented writer and an artist with words. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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  4. Ellie, Great action from the start! That prologue really set me up to find our what happens next.

  5. Parker, Everyone who has ever taken a family camping trip can relate. What a great realistic portrait of it. Happy camping!

  6. Hannah, Love the alternate chapters. Real sense of normal day, then urgency and then chaos too!

  7. Dare, Your stories always leave me thinking. I love your creativity and you always leave some mystery. Thanks!

  8. I am so excited about your writing abilities Dare. You have a very creative mind and your stories show the depth of your imagination. I look forward to reading more of your narratives.

  9. This will be my seventh MNM, and has become a staple of my writing life. The camaraderie, the friends I’ve made made, and the sheer amount of creative energy floating around – even when we’re virtual – is amazing. And to be able to raise money for such a great cause as adult literacy services is the icing on an already yummy cake.

  10. I’m glad you published this story Dare. It’s well written, full of suspense, details and possibilities. Keep writing.

  11. Julius Borneman died in 1957, it was Herman Charles Borneman who died in 1947 of cancer of the mouth, after several operations.

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