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Every so often, a special place arises in which an art or craft is taken to new heights. In the world of boat building, Ontario’s Muskoka region is such a place.

The era of wooden boats has vanished in many other areas, but in Muskoka the love of mahogany endures.

The region is home to an unsurpassed fleet of treasured boats, vessels that are enjoyed by their owners but are also regarded as floating works of art, tended to and restored by craftsmen every bit as skilled as their predecessors.

Painter Doug Dunford has long been fascinated by the boats of Muskoka, and has devoted many years to painting them.

Inspired by Dunford’s paintings, writer Andrew Wagner-Chazalon tells the stories of these boats and this region.

Out of stock


By Andrew Wagner-Chazalon

Paintings by Doug Dunford

Published by Algonquin International

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