Wendy Martin

Wendy’s work explores the abstractions of the wilderness of being, the juxtaposition between movement & stillness, expansion & contraction, expression & silence.

A word weaver & poet, movement educator, natural dyer, seamstress, and maker of things, Wendy shapes her art as a container to process, digest and experience the wildness of life.

Wendy creates handmade living inks sourced from locally foraged materials. Including berries,  flower petals, leaves & grasses. These natural pigments are shifted with mineral salt modifiers, which transforms a singular pigment into a spectrum of colours.

Much of Wendy’s work includes raw canvas and dyes, both natural & fibre reactive dyes. She hand ties each piece to create resistance patterns that when immersed in the dye solution,  creates an embedded pattern of depth, dimension & interest.

Wendy’s work explores the relationships of seasons & cycles, both in nature and within her own inner landscape. She works instinctively & intuitively with an assortment of mixed media, a process, which creates a range of wildly unpredictable prints and impressions.

Hand stitches, machine stitching, fibre weaving, hand made paper & original poetry, are all modalities used in the expression of bold, wild and untamed statements.

Witches on Broomsticks

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