Reasons to visit BMO Field this year

TFC matches are the best live sporting events

Having watched live professional sports at every venue in Toronto, from Maple Leaf Gardens to Exhibition Stadium, the SkyDome to the ACC (and I’ve been there since the names have changed).

Muskoka youth players during a 2022 pre-gram stadium tour before they carried the Canadian and U.S. flags during the national anthems.

I’ve seen the Leafs, the Raptors, the Argos, the Jays, international soccer matches, and of course my favourite of them all, Toronto FC.

While admittedly soccer/football/calcio is my very favourite sport that I still play and coach, it’s still fair to say the experience at a live TFC match at BMO Field is second to none.

Even during down years, the crowd – particularly the supporters’ groups at the south end of the pitch – fill the 28,000-seat outdoor stadium with energy beginning before the game and continuing through to the final whistle (and well after it when we win).

Yes, the spring and fall matches can be a little chilly, but dress appropriately and imbibe in your favourite beverages, or hot chocolate and coffee, to keep warm.

With the TFC home opener taking place this Saturday, May 11, now’s as good a time as any to plan a trip to the game . . . at the time of this writing, some tickets were still available.

On to our top reasons to attend a TFC game at BMO this season.

The team should be very competitive and exciting to watch all season long. Toronto FC started the season with a pair of fun road matches: a 1-1 draw against Atlanta and a last second 3-2 loss to D.C. United.

They’re talented enough to win more than they lose. Led by two former Serie A stars and European Champions in Italians Federico Bernardeschi and Lorenzo Insigne, plus Canadian stars like Jonathan Osorio and Richie Laryea, they will score goals and make “wow” plays each match.

The crowds are fun to be around. No matter where you sit, you’ll have loud and passionate fans spurring the rest on to cheer and jeer and chant during the match. Every match the Viking Clap gets almost everyone at the stadium joining in … And each year, I’ve been around more and more fans singing The Legend TFC when it plays pre-game.

The supporters’ section at the South End of BMO Field (closest to Lake Ontario). They do pre-game gatherings and walk from Liberty Village to the stadium, singing and chanting and banging their drums. They make the atmosphere so much better, and you can tell many are very passionate football fans. While sometimes you need to be a partner of a group to know their songs, but The Red Patch Boyshave shared a bunch for all to learn. Check them out at:

Supporters Section shows support for Ukraine during the 2022 season.

Every match is a night game this season. There is something special about TFC matches at night. It could be the mass amount of inebriated fans, the lights, the feeling of the breeze of the lake, or the mass amount of inebriated fans (yeah, it needed to be written twice LOL).

They have the best opportunity to be champions (again) before any other Toronto team. Get on the bandwagon now. The more the merrier. Toronto FC is reloaded and still will be adding more depth to a very strong starting 11 and realistically they have a 2-to-3-year window to win trophies. So, get on board now and enjoy the ride!

Group of Huntsville Soccer Club youth get to carry the TFC banner pre-game in 2019.

Youth clubs can book amazing group experiences throughout the year. No matter the size of your club, you can book a block of tickets and on certain dates, they have fantastic on field experiences for the kids. Whether it’s carrying a flag or a banner for the pre-game ceremonies, meeting a player, or just getting a guided tour of the stadium, it’s something the young soccer players don’t forget.

They give back to the community. Partners in the community that Toronto FC works with and gives back to include The Hospital for Sick Children, Special Olympics Ontario, Best Buddies Canada, and more.

The price is right. Even with a bit of a jump in ticket prices this year, it’s an affordable game to take the family too (at least in terms of buying seats). There are great views throughout the stadium and often you can find tickets on the resale or regular sale market for less than $50 throughout the year (especially in the spring). In fact, there were several seats for under $40 available for the home opener (when we wrote this).

There is plenty of action and the games are only two hours long. One thing is certain, the two 45 minutes halves (plus stoppage time aka injury time) of mostly continuous play coupled with a short half-time make live soccerone of the less time demanding sporting events to attend.

If those aren’t enough reasons, then just got to a game for the hell of it! You’ll be happy you did!

Group of friends enjoying a CONCACAF Champions League match in 2018.

To get you ready for more … here is a fun highlight video.

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