“Way bigger” celebration of women in Muskoka

International Women’s Day may have been observed by most on March 8 this year, but one Muskoka radio station is keeping the celebration going throughout the month.

Thanks to The Bay 88.7’s second annual Enterprising Women Contest, well over 100 women in business are being recognized on air and online for their efforts.

“Last year I thought the response was good,” says Jeff Carter, station manager at The Bay 88.7. “But this year it’s way, way bigger . . . The whole idea is to amplify women’s voices in the community and draw attention to businesses you may or may not know of that are run by women.”

The contest runs until March 31. The timing allows the community to learn about the contest, nominate a person they want to honour, and then gives the station time to process the nomination and spread the word.

“What I found last year, and even more this year, is there are a number of businesses I didn’t know existed until the owners were nominated in the contest,” explains Carter.

Indeed, this writer and many of his friends were also unaware of many of the businesses (and those running the businesses) before this contest took place.

Wonderful Nominees

We are really happy to see many of our friends nominated. The amazing list of women in Muskoka being celebrated includes . . .

Carly Litchfield of Muskoka MVMT.

Kyla Taylor of Launch and Prosper (check out our podcasts at Know Your Brand and https://muskokaunlimited.com/past-podcasts/)

Aimee Sinclair of Aimee Sinclair Fitness (check out our podcast at https://muskokaunlimited.com/past-podcasts/)

Catherine Cole of The Great Vine (check out our podcast at https://muskokaunlimited.com/past-podcasts/)

Stacey Thornton of Orbis Muskoka (check out our podcast at https://muskokaunlimited.com/past-podcasts/)

Katy McGregor of Northern Disposal

Ashley Vowels of Tall Trees

Anne MacDonald of Christmas Tyme

Sheena Repath of Muskoka Highlands Academy (also check our story and podcast at More Than An Outdoor School)

Allie Chisholm-Smith of AllieChisholm-SmithYoga

Pam Carnochan – Artist

Heather Douglas of Heather Douglas Photography

Ashley Moore of Barbelles

Karin Kriekaard of Eclipse Art Gallery

Taylor Smith of Knox Chiropractic

Jill Mann of Myobalance Muskoka Registered Massage Therapy

Blair Douglas of Nourish Mind.Body.Soul Muskoka

The above are but a few of the tremendous women who have been nominated ( we’re sorry if we missed any friends, but it’s a big list!) … check out the full list at: https://muskokaradio.com/news/article/enterprising-women-contest

Great Prize

Of all the nominees, a draw will be held on April 7 with one person winning a $2,000 advertising campaign.

The advertising campaign will feature several months of advertising on the station as their rates are very reasonable (shameless plug for our friends at The Bay 88.7); meanwhile every nominee will get free exposure on air and online while the contest is being held.

“Only one business owner is going to win the $2,000 prize and this strictly by drawing a name out of a hat,” says Carter. “There is no judging, it’s totally by chance.”

In any case, these fantastic ladies are all winners in our books. And our communities are better because of them!

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