Dear Brother

Poetry by D'Anthony Nance Without warning tears fell from my eyes. Staring into the mirror I wondered why? It's been months since you died And not since the funeral have I cried It seems I've held back this pain Because there is nothing for me to gain I cannot hear your laughter Nor can I... Continue Reading →

To Heal

By D'Anthony Nance Back and forth bodies fuse together Incorporating scars and passion Into erotic forms of healing Painting her skin with kisses Setting fire to the dormant Embers long extinguished A woman reclaims her feeling As a man slows his heart's bleeding

Poor Decisions – Chapter XI

From Random Words, Random Stories by Christopher Occhiuzzi While in the city, Josephine finds out what she knew all along; she’s pregnant with Darren’s baby. Sherry tells her to book an abortion and go on with her life. Josephine is having none of it. “I’m keeping the baby,” she says defiantly. “Even if Darren doesn’t... Continue Reading →

When Healing is Needed

Poetry By D'Anthony Nance Footsteps sound down the corridor Rusty hinges opening doors Revealing a heart full of clutter But, not for long Starting with past insecurities I remove every bandaid Upon old scars Washing away the regret That has stayed I wax tear stained floors And dust the cobwebs in the corners Creating a... Continue Reading →

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