Fiction Friday: Poems by DA

D’Anthony Nance shows his heart through his pen

Poem 1

Your darkness tempts me to explore the skeletons locked beyond the door, leading to the grave your heart resides in.
You speak of matters I cannot ignore,  like the hesitation you feel when love falls silently to the floor.
You say you’re not accustomed to pretty songs and happy endings, that your body is designed to be the opposite of the norm.
Flowers make you sneeze and candy makes your teeth ache, romance to you is the same as rotten flesh left out in the sun, void of value.
Yet, here I am silently taking in all that you say you cannot stand, watching as you vomit poetry onto the blood stained canvas misery has slain.
Footsteps reverberate down the corridor leading to your soul, past the ghouls guarding your doors and other creatures of the night who protect the remnants of your trust.
You fear the one who has made it this far into your chaos, thinking no man brave enough to withstand the onslaught. But, I am a wolf who howls at the moon and stalks lesser creatures, there is nothing I fear so I will sit here with your skeleton crew waiting for you.

Poem 2

I’ll never forget the day you left because breathing got harder and my world got darker.
Sleepless nights became my new commitment conversing with a floor of empty bottles, my life stank of regret.
I spent countless hours dreaming of second chances and things I’d do differently, until I lost my appetite and forgot that loving myself was needed.
I forgot the comfort of positive reassurance and laid in a seductive embrace with negativity.
My eyes watched the ground everywhere I walked too tired to hold my head up high. I put in too much effort and recieved too little support now my heart is worn out, and here is my report.
I loved you more than I loved me and now that you’re gone I can’t seem to live straight.
I built my world upon your heart and that is what tore me apart.
I forgot to establish my own identity instead of being the man who loved you, because without you I can’t find who I am.

The Truth of Her Soul

D’Anthony pours his emotions into each word, each line, each poem in this collection. He delves into the world around him with a passionate eye. To purchase a copy of The Truth of Her Soul ($15 tax included), email

D’Anthony Nance

As with most poetically soulful individuals, the pen isn’t always moving for D’Anthony. Rather, his world needs to be full of inspiration. This muse could be in the form of a lover, a partner, a family member, or a friend.

Or something else. But, mostly, it’s the people around him that provide the biggest boost to his intellectual and emotional senses, allowing him to freely explore his feelings and their lives through a poet’s lens.

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