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We’ve picked 10 of our favourite series that may not be on your radar

With work, kids, coaching, other volunteer duties, playing soccer and running this website, I really don’t have time to watch a lot of shows. So, when I do, they need to be fun, engaging and a little offbeat. And binge worthy.

While my wife and I have been into popular series like Ozark, Yellowstone, Game of Thrones, and other award-winning productions, it’s the ones that are just for my tastes that I love the most.

Anytime a streaming app releases a whole season at once of a show I like (like Netflix does), I just binge it like crazy.

For the other streaming apps, I’ll usually wait until most or all of a season is available before getting into it; I’m doing this now with Season 2 of the Bad Batch.

This list is geared towards what I perceive as lesser-known series that deserve more attention. Let’s get into my 10 Bingeable Series to stream (that aren’t all mainstream hits) …


Four seasons, Netflix. I stumbled upon this Israeli production accidentally about three years ago and have watched every episode. The fourth season came out this year. The series is about an Israeli Defense Force that is frequently called into action to combat a variety of terrorists and the threats they pose to Israel.

Reason to watch: While the fight scenes are well done, the depth of the characters, storylines and passionate acting really grab your attention.

Personally speaking: I watch it with subtitles to get a feel and pick up parts of the languages used (mostly Israeli and Arabic). There are some recognizable faces each season as some actors have done North American, including in Season 4, where the stunning Inbar Lavi (Eve on Netflix’s Lucifer – see below) plays agent Shani Russo.


Six seasons, Netflix. Perhaps not really a lesser-known series, although I’m still finding those who haven’t watched it, Lucifer is one of my all-time faves. The devil goes to Los Angeles for a vacation and never leaves (I’m paraphrasing the original teaser here). Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, then meets the love of his life in Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German (Chicago Fire), gets into detective work himself and hilarity ensues.

Reason to watch: The show’s takes on the interaction between angels, demons, Lucifer and other powerful beings is really interesting. Plus, Lucifer’s first love, Eve (played by Inbar Lavi – see above). Really, other than one or two comme ci, comme ca episodes, the series has everything: action, romance, humour, drama.

Personally speaking: This series was originally a Fox production but then was cancelled. After a lot of Luci-fans lobbied to have the show return, Netflix listened, grabbed the devil by the horns and everyone’s favourite Fallen Angel got a new life.
SPOILER ALERT: Dennis Hayward, whose booming but calm voice makes him seem presidential (he did play the US president on 24), is brilliant as God.

The Boys

Three seasons – and counting, Prime Video. Super powered individuals – check. Dramatic turns – check. Gory (and unexpected) violence – check. Nudity – check. Course language – check. Dark humour – check. Just about everything there is to like in any show or film is in this series. Without typing any spoilers, the superheroes have tremendous human flaws that are hidden by the marketing department of the corporation that hires them out.

Reason to watch: The angle taken by the writers and creators. The series is about superheroes for hire under the control of a giant corporation and the small group of “normal” people.

Personally speaking: The first 6:41 of Season 1, Episode 1 hooked me for life. Seriously, even if you’re not a comic book afficionado, watch that and try to not find out more.

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

Seven seasons, now on Disney-Plus. Okay, maybe a lot of people know about this series, especially comic book/sci-fi geeks like me. But, if you don’t know or haven’t watched it, give it a try. Even my wife, definitely not a comic-book fan, got into this series because of the solid acting and story lines. It’s more about humans (the Agents) protecting the world from a variety of threats, than superhumans.

Reason to watch: The whole series it ties into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). If you’re a fan of the Avengers, Iron Man, and the lot, this is a must.

Personally speaking: Originally airing on ABC, it is part of the Marvel offerings on Disney-Plus, and that’s where I finally had a chance to watch. Agent Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg) is the same lovable agent from the films.

Inside Job

Two parts, 18 episodes, Netflix. The first of two animated series on this list. Inside Job is ridiculously funny as it’s set in a workplace where most of the world’s conspiracy theories are real and the main characters are employees of Cognito Inc., a shadow government organization.

Reason to watch: The way they introduce each conspiracy (shape shifting reptilian people, hollow Earth) to a recruit: either very nonchalant or matter of fact, as if it’s the most normal thing on the planet.

Personally speaking: Voice actors include Christian Slater, Lizzy Caplan, Tisha Campbell and Bobby Lee – try figuring out who’s who without using the credits. In addition to outright humour regarding the conspiracy theories and real-life people, it’s great how the series takes aim at workplace politics and the dynamics which exist in every organization.

The Witcher – Blood Origin

One season, Netflix. Literally anything with Michelle Yeoh (the badass herself) is awesome. Yeoh can make anything better (Star Trek Discovery, The Book of Boba Fett, Shang Chi, and the list goes on). But it’s not just Yeoh that makes this watchable. The Witcher – Blood Origin is a wonderful adventure into the world of elves, warriors, and magic.

Reason to watch: The underlying commentary that even with the beauty of elves and magic, the frailties of humanity (greed, status, power) will seep in and attempt to destroy all that is good.

Personally speaking: Anything Witcher could be on this list, including the original The Witcher series and the animated movie The Witcher – Nightmare of the Wolf. Both are on Netflix as well.

Van Helsing

Five seasons, Netflix. A new take on the legendary vampire and monster hunting Van Helsing family story, this series starts Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing, a distant descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. Vanessa wakes up from a coma in a world overrun by vampires and fleeting pockets of humans fighting to take back the earth. Her blood is immune to the vampire virus and thus, she is being protected by a military man, when she awakens in a hospital bed.

Reason to watch: If you like vampire tales, this has it all and more.

Personally speaking: I have a weird affinity for cheesy vampire/monster tales featuring strong women leads. Which leads us to number-8 on the list . . .

Wynonna Earp

Four seasons, Crave. Billed as a supernatural western horror series, the titular character is played by Ottawa’s Melanie Scrofano (Mrs. McMurray to Letterkenny fans). Wynonna is the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. She returns to her hometown Purgatory, where she battles where she battles revenants (basically the undead). In this case, the revenants are reincarnated outlaws that Wyatt killed. She also battles other unholy creatures while reconnecting with family and friends.

Reason to watch: There is a lot of dark humour, plenty of action and each episode moves quickly. It’s an easy and entertaining show that let’s you sit back and escape – also, you don’t have to think too much while watching.

Personally speaking: I watched all the seasons on Netflix before it moved to Crave. filmed in Canada with a Canadian lead, so that’s a bonus.


One season and counting, Apple TV. Maya Rudoph stars as Molly Novak in this funny comedy series. Molly is a recently divorced multi-billionaire who goes in search of a fulfilling life starting with visiting for the first time a charitable foundation that bears her name.

Reason to watch: The growth of the lead character and the connections the characters make with one another.

Personally speaking: We decided to give this a try after watching Ted Lasso (also on Apple TV) because Rudolph is a very funny actor.


Four seasons, Netflix. The final pick and second animated series on this list. Based on Konami’s video game series of the same name – which was so fun to play – the Netflix series follows heroes Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades on their respective quests to defend Wallachia from Dracula and his followers. The most interesting parts come as other vampires seek Dracula’s thrown, human minions who wield magic put their lives on the line for the dark lord, while the first of his kind is somewhat of a sympathetic figure through it all.  

Reason to watch: Ignore the animation (unless like me, you like that stuff). Get into he characters, the story, the emotions, the battles – both physical and mental – and how perception can determine one’s path in the world. Is there truly a big divide between good and evil? Or does that depend on how one views the world?

Personally speaking: I played the original video game. I love comics and animation. I love vampires and other worldly creatures. So, of course, I love this series. I’m going to watch it again soon.

There you have it! If you’re looking for a new bingeworthy series, try one of those or these honourable mentions:

The Strain (Disney-Plus); Resident Evil (mini-series, Netflix); Warrior Nun (Netflix); Moonknight (Disney-Plus); or Love, Death & Robots (Netflix).

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