Goodbye & Hello!

It’s time for a change! Change is good!

Go ahead and insert all the other positive clichés about change.

Muskoka Unlimited is changing it’s proverbial stripes today and moving in a new direction.

However, we will help promote our artist friends through articles, photos and podcasts. Look out for features on JF Kuehnen, Natasha Banks, Naomi Banks, and more.

As well, whenever possible, we’ll help promote local organizations such as the Huntsville Art Society, Artists of the Limberlost, Muskoka Arts & Crafts, and others.

It’s been a fun two-plus years of helping promote amazing artists, organize and run art shows, meet wonderful new friends, and the bonus of getting to work with Dan Watson at the Huntsville Festival of the Arts (thanks for all your fantastic support!) on the Huntsville Art Crawl and events at the Studio. Also, thanks to Ann Curley for providing display space at the Muskoka Discovery Centre and Morgan Richter from Downtown Huntsville BIA for supporting our shows.

A big shout out to That Little Place by the Lights, Muskoka Jewellery Design, Muskoka MVMT, Muskoka Collective, The Hub, and Basilico at Inn at the Falls for hanging local artwork in their businesses! Each will continue to hang local art in their businesses! Yay!

As well, love and thanks to Dockside Publishing and Luxury Muskoka for helping promote and grow the Muskoka Unlimited brand.

We feel confident that we did well by everyone involved in the last couple of years and we hope you’ll support our new endeavour by liking, following, subscribing, and checking in to what we’re up to.

What’s Next?

We’ll be publishing fun and informative content in a variety of forms and from several sources. Feature guests will be providing us Wellness Wednesday and Fiction Friday posts, while Chris will be exploring ideas and topics that catch his fancy.

As well, we’ll be featuring both The Chris O Show podcast – with online exclusive content – and the Muskoka Unlimited podcast hosted by Jenny Cressman with guests from throughout Muskoka and beyond. Both shows are done with production support and aired by Muskoka’s only true local radio station, The Bay 88.7.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown love and support!

We look forward to you joining us through the next phase in our journey!

To get us started, we’ve added a page specifically for our extensive playlist of Past Podcasts with some amazing guests! Enjoy!

Let’s Socialize!

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