It’s All Sixes

Upcoming art show inspired by past works

There is something about an artists’ soul that really comes through in the way they’ll create anywhere at anytime.

Whether it’s painting on stage at the Algonquin Theatre in front of a live audience or challenging themselves to do 30 paintings in 30 days, the desire to put paint to canvas, pen to paper, or work with any other media is truly wonderful.

Helena Renwick is one of those artistic souls and the person who recently painting live on stage and several years ago did 30 paintings in 30 days.

It was during her fight against cancer (she is doing very well) that she had done the 30 paintings and then hosted a show to display and even sell those works.

“They were all six-by-six canvases,” says Renwick. “I did that show, it was lovely, it was one night only … I did a second one in 2019 and again it was just me.”

Having enjoyed those experiences, Renwick decided it was time to do another one. But, she didn’t want to do it alone again.

In keeping symmetry alive and well, she invited five friends from the Huntsville Art Society to join her (making six artists), and all agreed to only paint on six-by-six canvases. And the 6 x 6 by 6 Art Show was born.

As if it wasn’t clear why, the show will be on May 6 beginning at 6 p.m. (ending at 8 p.m.) and is being held at the Huntsville Festival of the Arts Studio (previously known as The Other Side Studio) which is across from River Mill Park in Downtown Huntsville.

Ignore the devilish number everyone, this group are as good as it gets. Joining Renwick will be Sylvia Kerschl Stephanie Aykroyd, Marike MacDonald, Roxanne Driedger, and Meghan Irvine.

“It’s just a cute size of canvas to paint on,” explains Renwick. “It’s just a number that worked out that way.”

Each artwork will be available for purchased at a price of $125 plus tax (cash or e-transfer), with funds generated going directly to the artist.

“As artists, we haven’t had the opportunity to have many shows the past few years,” explains Renwick. “It’s been difficult for artists, so this will help support.”

Those visiting will be treated to quality artwork, some light refreshments, and a great atmosphere with some ambient music playing.

Those interested in any particular paintings will need to be at the show to purchase the one they are looking for as there will not be a pre-sale this time around.

“Our show is also a week before Mother’s Day, so it’s the perfect place to find a beautiful gift for mom,” says Renwick. “Everyone is welcome to stop by, meet the artists, enjoyment refreshments and perhaps find a new piece for their collection.”

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