Wonderful Wildlife

From a breaching whale to a curious fox, here are my fave wildlife pics and the reasons why

Going through the photos I’ve taken over the years (looking for one of a bonfire), I noticed some pretty fun and interesting pictures from both here and abroad.

I’ve been pretty lucky over the years to live surrounded by awesome nature as well as getting some amazing experiences when visiting other nations … Mexico in particular.

Some photos were taken with my Nikon D80 and others with my phone. Not every picture is award or even magazine worthy, but each has a story that is meaningful to me.

Either way, these are my Top 10 (plus a few) favourite wildlife photos that I personally took . . .

Breach near Banderas Bay in Mexico

My family and I were on a whale watching tour and having seen some whale fins around, I had this funny feeling something cool was going to happen. Setting my Nikon to auto everything and holding it by my side, I was able to catch the breach through the lens and through my own eyes.

Turtle Save

This little turtle was on a side road near a golf course. I stopped and, after taking this pic, got him off the road.

Summer Fox near Shanty Bay, Ontario

One August day in 2019 while helping distribute Dockside Magazine, I saw this fantastic fox and one of its friends frolicking through a neighbourhood. I stopped, watched, got my camera out and took some shots.

Snake(s) in the Grass

In the spring of 2022 while getting ready to set up the soccer fields in Huntsville for the summer season, we picked up a couple of sandbags (used to hold down the goals) and woke up this rodent-munching beauty.

Also last year, this time in June, this slithering reptile visited our property and our neighbour’s property as well.

Hey Ray, wadda ya say?

This huge manta ray said hi at the beginning of the aforementioned whale watching tour and was a great omen.

Chippy & Chipster

You can tell our children were quite young when they named our favourite chipmunk couple. This shot of Chippy (yes, I know which is which) burying his stash in our herb garden in the fall was an amusing endeavour. Both chipmunks are very used to us and have even run right over our feet while we’re sitting outside.

Iguana, Iguana!

After an amazing dinner with some family friends at their home on the Ameca River just north of Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, my kids and I went looking for saltwater crocodiles known to frequent the river. But, instead we were treated to several iguanas in trees and even along our path. Still, I really wanted to see a croc …

Island Swan

This fantastic waterfowl came swimming up to us to say hi and ask for a snack. It was our kids first ever visit to Toronto Island and they really got a kick out of the swan (and all the other fun things to do).

Midnight Frog

We were having a backyard campfire one summer’s eve and as I was heading into the house for some more refreshments, I noticed this frog sitting by the house. Of course, I took a picture and had a friendly conversation (yeah, I like to talk to animals – see xxx xxx for more on that LOL).

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