Vinegar & Vicks – and other tricks

Seniors, elders have so many “Life Hacks” to teach – just make sure to listen

My favourite thing about working with our community’s older population is the wonderful conversations we engage in.

As many are living at home – and alone – they just want to have someone who will listen and let them share their stories. Throughout each story there is often an old adage that provided sound advice at that time and may still have value.

Smart people will actively listen to these tales – and the “words to live by” within – and pick up a few tips and tricks that most would now call “life hacks.”

These are only a few of the many amazing things I’ve learned about life, love and happiness from the hundreds of older individuals I’ve had the pleasure of caring for – and chatting with.

“The Key to a Happy Marriage is a Deaf Husband & a Blind Wife”

This humourous quote may be outdated, but it’s one of many that I’ve heard over the years regarding what makes a marriage work. Here are a few that actually stand the test of time and can help when the honeymoon is over and the reality comes crashing down.

Marriage is the hardest thing to do, but raising kids is the most important job you’ll ever do. If it’s too easy, then it’s not worth fighting for.

Basically, it takes time and effort to make a marriage strong that will stand the test of time, and it takes double that to raise hardworking, productive, kind and caring community members.

Basic, but true, words to live by

These are just common sense, but worth sharing: “don’t spend more than you make,” “learn to grow something from a seed,” “learn to sew a few simple holes,” and “have a signature dinner and dessert.”

Each one is legit advice for people of all genders as they embark on life’s journey. The best part is the benefits of each are self-explanatory.

“Foster Friendships”

One of the saddest parts of my job is visiting elderly individuals who are on their own – and very lonely. They all tell me to “foster your friends now, so you’re not alone like me when you’re old.”

Whether it’s weekends away with your close friends, family dinners with all the extended kin in your life, or even frequent visits for a tea or a coffee with loved ones, make sure to build and nurture those relationships over the years.

That way, when your partner passes on, you’ll still have lots of socializing and support to lean on.

Vinegar & Vicks for Everything

Like, pretty much everything!

Vinegar for cleaning, vinegar for canning, vinegar for soaking feet! There are many other life hacks for vinegar, and this list is pretty good:

“Vicks Vaporub – I put that S*** on Everything!” should be the real commercial (as if anyone puts hot sauce on everything – hahahaha).

Seriously, Vicks has a ton of uses. Under your nose to keep airways clear; on sore muscles – especially your back, feet, and neck; behind ears and along your hairline to deter mosquitoes; to dilute in hot water and breath in steam for sinus relief: and many more.

Here is a great list:

So, the next time the senior or elder person in your life wants to share a story or two, make sure you’re listening: there just might be a few good lessons to learn.

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