Ten Amazing Muskoka Locations for landscape photography

Whether you have a professional camera, a DSLR or a smartphone, you’ll definitely want to check out these places for some of the best photo opportunities in Muskoka

Photos and Text By Leila Nasr-Sharifi – originally compiled for The Bay 88.7 FM

Brydon’s Bay Trail, Gravenhurst

This lookout point will take your breath away. Guaranteed.

Parking is tricky, but it’s worth it once you find a spot and are ready to snap a dozen or more photos from unique angles. It’s especially gorgeous in the fall and winter! This is one trail you don’t want to miss when you’re in Gravenhurst.

Some of the best views in Muskoka are at Huckleberry Rock

Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail, Bracebridge

This place is a MUST visit in Muskoka. It’s an exceptionally beautiful lookout point, plus it provides a healthy does of physical activity. Not only are you walking on rock, but you’re also taking a leisurely stroll uphill. If physical activity isn’t in your wheelhouse, maybe you just need to think about how easy it will be on the walk back. After all, who doesn’t love walking down hill?

Muskoka Lakes Farm and Winery, Muskoka Lakes

Known for their delicious cranberry wine, Muskoka Lakes Farm and Winery is on acres and acres of beautiful land. Throughout the year, there are a multitude of activities you can do. In the summer, the place is buzzing with butterflies and other fun creatures, which make for great photo-ops.

Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery is full of photogenic butterflies and plant life

Peninsula Trail, Gravenhurst

One word: spectacular. Especially during a summer sunrise. This trail has two lookout points, and both are beautiful. The sunrise lookout point is facing east or towards the wharf, and second one is facing west or towards the open water of Lake Muskoka. They’re fairly close to each other, so, why not go to both? Wear good footwear and prepare to be amazed.

Wilsons Falls, Bracebridge

Waterfalls are an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Now add stunning backdrops for photography and you’ve got paradise. Use that long exposure method to capture the smoothness of the falls. Maybe you want to dip your toes in the water! There is no shortage of fun experiences here.

The view from Lookout Park in Gravenhurst is tremendous

Lookout Park, Gravenhurst

Wow-ee! This is the spot that looks out over the steamships and the Muskoka Wharf. Super easy to get to, and easy access to the lookout point. For a challenge, you can also go down the old wooden stairs on the left – if you’re brave enough. At the bottom you’ll find an even better view!

Tree Museum, Gravenhurst

If you’ve never been, there is no time like the present to plan a visit. During the long walk between parking and the entrance to the Tree Museum, there are spots along the way where the water meets up with the treeline – creating amazing photos.

Fall is highly recommended because of the colourful leaves, but also because during spring and summer you will get eaten alive by mosquitos and flies; unless you have one of those cool nets to put over your whole body. Once you get into the tree museum, you’ll see some incredible architecture deep in the woods. It’s quite the distinctive experience.

Leila Nasr-Sharifi

High Falls and Little High Falls, Bracebridge

A place to swim, get misted by a massively wonderful waterfall, see rainbows and take photos. You can get it all here at High Falls and Little High Falls in Bracebridge. High Falls is obviously the big falls and Little High Falls is again, obviously, the smaller falls. Both are unique in their own way and provide a wonderful experience. High Falls is easier to notice, but to get to Little High Falls, simply walk into the woods for a few minutes and you’ll begin to hear the trickle of water.

Hunters Bay Trail, Huntsville

A simple, yet beautiful place to take photos. There’s a long bridge, and you’ll often find people taking selfies – and why not? Bridges are super cool, especially when they’re long and set above water. Perhaps you’ll be drawn to take a selfie yourself. We won’t tell!

Muskoka Beach Park, Gravenhurst

Muskoka Beach Park is a fun place to swim, sit and chill on the grass, have a picnic, and more. But the one thing you must see are the sunsets. They are phenomenal! Set up your camera for a time-lapse or take some photos and you will be amazed.

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