Taboo expansion moving forward

Gravenhurst planning committee approves zoning amendment with conditions

After an extensive staff report was heard, a site-specific zoning amendment to allow for expansion at Taboo Resort was approved during the March 28 Town of Gravenhurst planning committee meeting.

The approval of the zoning amendment means that Taboo will be able to add up to 183 units on lands adjacent to its current location; will be able to erect buildings to a maximum height of 20 metres for a tourist establishment; have other buildings with a maximum height of 11 metres on the approved site; and allow for resort parking at the Taboo Golf Course on the east side of Muskoka Beach Road – across the road from the proposed expansion site.

Taboo Resort is planning an expansion on adjacent lands that belong to the resort owners.

Committee approved the zoning amendment after hearing that through the site plan process specific items such as light and noise pollution could be addressed. They were concerned about the negative impact of constant humming from necessary mechanical equipment echoing across the water, as well as blinding lights effecting boaters on Lake Muskoka who are passing by the resort property.

Though committee has approved, the zoning amendment still needs to be ratified at the next regular council meeting, and there are District of Muskoka requirements to be addressed as well.

However, some of these District requirements will be implemented as the project moves forward, such as water quality protection through appropriate management of stormwater, phosphorus levels, maintaining as much existing vegetation as possible and adding or replanting native species where needed.

While the zoning amendment by-law is close to approval, to finalize, the District would like to have in place an agreement with the Taboo Resort property owners regarding municipal services, waste disposal, and other zoning-related matters.

For more information and the full staff report, visit the Town of Gravenhurst.

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